If you dream now and again of a different kind of office cuppa, we would like present you with a few recipes for a pimped up office cuppa.

Depending on your office kitchen these pimped up cuppas might not always be easy to make, but with a little preparation in advance you can make yourself the lushest and most pimped up office cuppa.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

⦁    50 grams of ground coffee
⦁    1 teaspoon of ground mixed spice
⦁    Half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
⦁    Litre of water
⦁    2 teaspoons of cream or to taste
⦁    1 teaspoon of white sugar or to taste

Mix the ground coffee, mixed spice and cinnamon in a small bowl and place the mix in the filter of a coffee drip maker to which you add the water and let the coffee drip. Add cream and sugar to taste.


Iced Coffee

Nothing beats an iced coffee on a hot day, or just when you feel like one. This is how you make one yourself.

⦁    75 grams of medium coarse ground coffee
⦁    350 ml of filtered water
⦁    Coffee ice cubes
⦁    Milk (optional)
⦁    Sugar or other sweetener to taste

Fill a large glass with coffee ice cubes, pour in the cold brewed coffee, sweeten to taste and/ or add milk if you like. Place the coffee in a glass jar, add water, stir and set aside at room temperature for 12 hours Strain the coffee through a large-size paper coffee filter or fine sieve and refrigerated the cold-brewed coffee in a covered jar for up to 24 hours.

Cola de Mono

Cola de Mono, which is Spanish for monkey cola, is a traditional Chilean drink that is consumed around Christmas time, but you don’t have to wait until Christmas to consume this heart-warming drink.
⦁    20 whole cloves
⦁    5 cinnamon sticks
⦁    250 ml of water
⦁    4 litres of cold milk
⦁    50 grams of instant coffee
⦁    250 grams of white sugar
⦁    1 table spoon of vanilla extract (optional)
⦁    250 ml of pisco, white rum, brandy or other lightly flavoured spirit (for an office party or a naughty Friday-late-afternoon cuppa)

Gentle simmer the cloves and cinnamon sticks in water for about 30 minutes until reduced in half. Add 250 ml of milk and heat to simmer. Add the coffee and sugar and stir. Strain the mixture into the remaining cold milk, remove the cloves and cinnamon sticks, stir in the vanilla extract and spirit and store the mixture in the fridge.